Red Dates: The Healthiest Fruit On Earth

When and How to Eat

While it’s healthy to indulge in a few red dates every day, like all dried fruits, they should be eaten in moderation to avoid bloating. Three to five are usually enough for one day. Diabetics, however, and people with digestive problems should avoid red dates. Chinese herbal medicine says that red dates are not suitable for people with too much internal humidity. Below are some common red date dishes, which you should be able to pick up at most non-regional or zhou (粥):

  • Red dates, white fungus and lotus seed soup (红枣银耳莲子羹 hóng zǎo yín’ěr  iánzǐ gēng)
  • Longan, red dates and glutinous rice porridge (桂圆红枣糯米粥 guìyuán hóng zǎo nuòmǐ zhōu)
  • Osmanthus and red dates cake (桂花红枣糕 guìhuā hóng zǎo gāo)
  • Red date, Chinese yam and pork rib soup (红枣山药排骨汤 hóng zǎo shānyào páigǔ tāng)
  • Black rice, red date and soy bean paste (黑米红枣豆沙 Hēi mǐ hóng zǎo dòushā)

Now that you’ve got your red date fix, check out their rival red beans! Or how about Green Mung Beans?


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