Angelica and Milk Vetch Root Tea

Dāngguī huángqí chá, 当归黄芪茶    –        replenishes the blood and qi to ensure your natural inner beauty shrines through to the surface.



–  30 grams milk vetch root

–  6 grams Chinese Angelica root

–  A pot made from stainless steel (do not use a wok or pot made from iron or aluminum)


  1. Pour water on the two roots and soak for half an hour
  2. Boil for 30 hours and filter the medicine out. Transfer the medicinal soup to a big bowl
  3. Add fresh water and boil the roots for another 20 minutes. Transfer the mixture to a bowl. Repeat the process.

After you’ve boiled the medicinal water three times, you can finally start drinking! How much water you add depends on how much you want to drink. Usually two cups each time is enough. The above method is known as Sān jiān sān zhǔ (三煎三煮), and is often used when boiling Chinese herbal medicine to ensure all the medicine’s essence is released. Drink this once a week and you’ll be sure to feel the effects, especially if you’re a woman!



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