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Malaysia not democratic, Bersih tells Obama

Malaysia is Malay Communist.

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Hafiz Yatim

Bersih 2.0 chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah has pointed out to United States President Barack Obama that Malaysia is not a moderate and democratic country as many perceive.

Maria, who among the leaders of 10 Malaysian civil society organisations who met Obama yesterday, said she told the US leader that what Malaysia has at present is a minority government.

She voiced her concern that Malaysia under Umno and BN may move to extremism and this could be seen with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s support for hudud.

“Malaysia is not a democratic or moderate nation, as we have a minority government that needs to cling to the Muslim base, and therefore allows religious extremism go unabated and without reprisals,” said Maria.

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Umno using hudud to break up Pakatan, say PAS insiders

True. UMNO using hudud to break up Pakatan

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PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa says Umno is determined to get PAS to fight with DAP on the hudud issue and break up the Pakatan Rakyat alliance. – The Malaysian Insider, April 29, 2014.AMIN ISKANDAR AND ZULKIFLI SULONG

PAS insiders are blaming Umno for incessantly goading the Islamist party to try to implement the Shariah capital punishment or hudud laws, leading to an open spat with its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) allies now.

Former Kelantan exco member and PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa told The Malaysian Insider that he believed Umno was trying to break up the PR alliance with the issue, which cropped up in 1990 and in 2001.

“They are determined to get us to fight with DAP. A break-up will naturally benefit Umno as both of us are Muslim parties,” he said, without wanting to be drawn further on the consequences of PAS leaving Pakatan.

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Court upholds decision in favour of Bar Council

DBKL is a gangster

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Bar Council DBKLBernama

The Court of Appeal today upheld a high court order which compels the DBKL to pay damages to the Bar Council for trespass and tearing down its banners at its premises in 2007.

The Court of Appeal here today upheld a High Court decision to order the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to pay RM12,320 in damages to the Bar Council for trespass and tearing down three banners at its premises to celebrate Human Rights Day in 2007.

A three-member panel chaired by Justice Abdul Wahab Patail unanimously dismissed DBKL’s appeal to set aside the High Court’s decision.

Also presiding on the panel were Justices Azahar Mohamed and Hamid Sultan Abu Backer.

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Blade Coffee Grinder

Product Description of Lebensstil Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder LKCG4012SS

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Lebensstil Coffee Grinder
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Make a rich, strong and delicious coffee with fresh brewed coffee beans that will elevate your senses and keep you motivated all day through. Libensstil Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder allows you to make the most of your coffee beans and get the best in flavour.

Libensstil Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder operates using 150W and has the capacity of 50g per grind. Safety is a priority and that’s why it is made with safety lock system, stainless steel and non-slip rubber feet to keep away from any mishaps. Simply put in the coffee beans, lock it and grind away with a press of a button.

About Lebensstil

Lebensstil focuses on home kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, cooktops, ventilating hoods, washers and dryers as well as small household appliances like toasters, coffee-makers, mixers, garment steamers, hairdryers and espresso machines. A brand among four that are distributed by Kollection Distributions Sdn Bhd, Lebensstil innovates products that are stylishly designed and durably built to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of modern consumers.

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Top 5 Most Popular Small Coffee Grinders

Traditionally in India, spices powders are ground as needed. This ensures they are fresh, potent and fragrant. The special touch this adds to a dish is incomparable. It may seem like a lot of work but really isn’t if you have the right tools. All you need (for dry spice grinding) is a clean, dry coffee grinder.

When buying a coffee grinder to use for spices, don’t spend too much as once it has been used for the spices, you cannot grind coffee in it. To help you find the right one, I’ve selected a few coffee grinders based on their popularity (and subsequent ratings and reviews) with users. Take your pick:

1. Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Though it is a bit expensive (from $69), this one has 16 grind settings, a 60-second timer with auto-stop facility, commercial grade solid conical steel burrs which can be removed for easy cleaning. Because it has the “slowest grinding speed in its class”, this grinder creates less friction and heat build up therefore preserving maximum aroma and flavor (heat causes flavor breakdown in spices and makes them release their aroma). You can grind up to 4 ounces of spices at a time in this model.

2. Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder

This small, compact grinder has a 160-watt motor and can grind up to 3 ounces of spices, nuts or grains at a time with its stainless steel blades. The lid activated safety switch means the grinder won’t work unless securely closed. This model does not have adjustable grind settings or a timer, but is the perfect (and therefore popular) example of a grinder that does the job for not too much money – from $15. It comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

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3. Cuisinart Grind Central Coffee Grinder

This grinder has a stainless steel housing and removable (for easy cleaning) stainless steel bowl and blades. Its 175-watt motor can grind up to 3.17 ounces of spices at a time. The safety interlock on/off switch won’t work unless the lid is on correctly. Measurement markings mean you can grind precise amounts of spices when you need them!

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4. Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder

This model has a 150-watt motor so it grinds up to 2.5 ounces of spices quickly to prevent overheating and loss of flavor and aroma. You can measure spice amounts thanks to the graduated measuring scale on the transparent lid. It also has stainless-steel blades, a safety on/off switch and cord storage. It comes in two colors – black and white – with a 1-year limited warranty and costs from about $18.

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5. KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder

This grinder has a 4 ounce capacity and a powerful 200-watt motor with pulse control. Other features include grind settings, a removable stainless steel grinding container, stainless steel blades and a graduated cover for easy measuring. It also has a dual interlock safety system which prevents the blades from working until top cover is locked on to the bowl. This model comes in three colors – black, white and red and costs from around $25.96.

Inspection of Complexion › Home › TCM › Introduction‎ Aug 24, 2009 – The dim bluish black complexion is due to insufficiency of kidney … Black complexion with dried face is usually due to the chronic consumption of kidney essence and failure of the … 5: Vocabulary Card:TCM Words Learning. You visited this page. [PDF] Combined TCM & Western Medicine Treatment for Chronic …‎ Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan. FOREWORD. Patients … stage of chronic renal failure, even if the cause of the block- age can be … Symptoms: Edema, fear of cold with cold limbs, dull dark complexion, loose stool or constipation, clear long night- time urination or … Inspection – TCM Basics‎ This shows damage to the body resistance, a severe disease condition, and … dark gray malar can be seen in patients with frequent urination due to kidney deficiency. A dark gray complexion indicates prolonged stagnation of blood such as a … Dieatry Therapy for a Weakened Middle Burner‎ He recommended diet to lower my metabolism not realizing that my problem was a … Below are some basics of TCM and diet for those who may seek to use a protocol to ….. The symptoms may include low body temperature, pale complexion, … White foods nourish the lungs; black and dark blue foods nourish the kidneys; … You visited this page. Examine Your Urine from a TCM Perspective › … › What do You Know about Urine & Stool?‎ Let’s see how TCM interprets certain urine qualities listed below: … urination with clear urine is seen in late stage kidney disease or aged people where the … the back and knees, a dull pale facial complexion and an aversion to cold and fatigue. … On examination, the tongue is dark purple, bruised spots may appear on its … You visited this page. Application of the five elements theory – Shen-nong Limited › … › Basic Principles › The Five Elements Theory‎ Therefore, in TCM the kidneys are known as the root of life. … Renal (kidney) failure patients often have a darker skin complexion than their normal colouring. Five Colors and One Diagnosis – › Education‎ Edema due to a kidney disease can be distinguished by the complexion being a dark white color, as opposed to a reddish purple color of edema due to heart … The 5 Organs Network of Chinese Medicine – Kidney‎ In the classical science of Chinese medicine, detailed knowledge of the dynamics … If the kidney is weak and the breath cannot “root” in the kidney, disease will ….. (shen yang xu): primary symptoms are pale or dark complexion; listless spirit; … Combined TCM & Western Medicine Treatment for Chronic …‎ Combined TCM & Western Medicine Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease by Dr. … Symptoms: Edema, fear of cold with cold limbs, dull dark complexion, loose … TCM Treatment for Diabetic Kidney Disease‎ The TCM treatment for diabetic kidney disease must deal with the following … anaemic, angular, complexion dark, cold extremities, dark purple tongue with …,+Kidney+trouble,+TCM&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=sb&gws_rd=cr&ei=AoRHU8qpK4ORrQf0qYCIAg

TCM First Aid Kit


Make Your Own TCM First Aid Kit

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | By:   We all have first aid kits. But instead of Tylenol and Neosporin, in China you’ll find bundles of dried leaves, some crushed bones and maybe a thick black syrup made from herbs.   At least, 20 years ago that was the case.   Today, just like in the West, we keep our medicine in bottles, conveniently packaged and processed into pills. But we still use our traditional recipes, many of them straight from the ancient and revered text, “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine.”   With this list you can build your very own Chinese first aid kid, without having to chew on dried sea horses or grind deer antlers at home.   Wild Jujube Seed to Tackle Insomnia   There’s a wide range of Chinese herbal remedies to treat insomnia, so there’s no need to resort to sleeping pills. The most popular organic cure is wild jujube seed (酸枣仁 suānzǎorén).   “A weak body constitution can result in a deficiency of kidney yin,” Bai Daifu—my family doctor—explains. “The water of the kidney cannot rise up to nourish the heart heat, which then increases, and disturbs your spirit and affects sleep. Wild jujube seed will help you to feel tranquil and reduce excitement. It is a very natural way to relax.”   Wild jujube seed is available from any Chinese pharmacy, and200gwill cost about 40 RMB. Cook the seeds in a dry skillet for 20 minutes, and then crush them into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder. Mix with warm water, and drink the concoction for a good night’s sleep.   Wild Jujube Seed Pill (酸枣仁汤丸 suānzǎorén tāngwán) is a popular readymade version of this ancient remedy. It mixes in herbs like Oriental arborvitae seed and cortex albizziae, which also work on calming the nerves, with the wild jujube seed and costs just 8 RMB for a box.   Bai Daifu recommends this for occasional sleeplessness, but for habitual insomnia he suggests finding a good TCM doctor of your own. “Insomnia is caused by many complex elements, such as stress, digestive system disorder, over-thinking, over-working or a long-term chronic illness,” he says. But for a relaxing night of healing sleep? Try some wild jujube seed. “Your sleep situation will improve, day by day.”   Niuhuang Jiedu Wan for Constipation and Excessive Internal Fire   Excessive internal fire, or shanghuo (上火), is a big problem. It can lead to troublesome toothaches, headaches, sore throats, dry eyes, insomnia and an explosive temper.   According to Bai Daifu, “Shanghuo means the imbalance of the yin, or negative power, and yang, or positive power, inside the body. When there’s more yang than there is yin, you will suffer from it.”   A familiar remedy is Niuhuang Jiedu Wan (牛黄解毒丸). The main ingredient in these pills is ox gallstone (牛黄 niúhuáng), which is reputed to baihuo (败火, reduce internal heat), as well as to detoxify, tranquilize and reduce over-excitement. The 20,000 RMB a kilo price tag might scare some people off, but an 8 RMB box of pills should be all you need.   An embarrassing but related problem caused by excessive fire is constipation. “The roots of constipation are complex,” says Bai Daifu. “If you suffer from constipation and other shanghuo symptoms you can take Niuhuang Jiedu Wan as well. Don’t take it for too long… one or two days will be enough.”   Banlangen Tea for Colds, the Flu, and SARS   In times of flu, all of China resorts to one old, familiar vaccine: banlangen (板蓝根, indigowoad root). During high-profile outbreaks—like SARS, H1N1 or the plague—demand will explode and you’ll be unable to find this anywhere.   The remedy has been around at least since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and appeared in the early medical reference book “Qian Jin Fang” (千金方, “Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference”), which suggested using banlangen to clear out toxins, cool the blood, and destroy bacteria and viruses. Ever since then, it’s been a standard drug in times of pestilence.   During SARS, TCM doctors across China recommended drinking banlangen tea (板蓝根冲剂 bǎnlán’gēn chōngjì) to ward off the disease, as well as colds and the flu. (Not just humans—even chickens and pigs were fed doses of banlan’gen to keep them healthy.)   Bai Daifu believes every family should keep a box at home, but warns that it’s “a cool tonic tea, so don’t drink it too much—it could cause stomach pains.”   You can buy a 10-bag box of the tea at any local pharmacy for about 7 RMB. My personal suggestion is to use two bags in one mug—I like a stronger brew. The taste isn’t too bad, but I still suggest you hold your nose and drink it quickly.   Loquat Ointment for Sore Throats   While it’s named after a Chinese fruit tree, Chuanbei Pipa Gao (川贝枇杷膏, loquat ointment) is actually a combination of wildly diverse ingredients, including loquat leaf, tremella fungi, apricot seed, Sichuan fritillary bulb, the outer peel of a tangerine, Chinese white olives, honey and licorice root.  All mixed together into one sticky, black and fragrant cream, it’s sweet, cooling and feels like it could soothe a fire-burnt throat. It’s especially popular with children, who consider it a fruity dessert.   At just 35 RMB a bottle, Bai Daifu recommends the ointment thoroughly. “The herbs are good for nourishing your lung meridian, stopping coughs, and quieting the nerves,” he told me. “For people who suffer from chronic bronchitis, Chuanbei Pipa Gao is a good tonic. And even for people who are suffering from a cold, or in the early stages of a cough, it is a good drug.”   Its roots lie in the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911): a famous late-1600s doctor, Ye Tianshi, created this formula to help a government official’s mother, who suffered from a painful long-term cough. Taking his magic medicine, she quickly recovered and lived to 84—a remarkable age at the time. Hundreds of years later, loquat ointment remains a popular choice for soothing throats and lungs.   Red Flower Oil for Muscle Pain   Almost every household in China contains a bottle of the TCM-favorite, red flower oil (正红花油 Zhènghóng huāyóu). It’s used for reliving the pains of muscle tension, bone injuries and hemostasis swelling and is preferred over Tiger Balm (虎标万金油 hǔbiāo wànjīnyóu), which seems to be a standard choice in the West.   While red flower oil won’t actually heal any of these problems completely, it definitely offers relief. Bai Daifu explains, “Any external application is only a facile solution to the problem. But it could make the patient feel better—that’s enough for a family first aid kit.”   Ironically, red flower oil doesn’t actually have any red flowers in it, but is a combination of turpentine, wintergreen oil and frankincense.   Zhao Wei, an experienced pharmacist at Beijing’s Lingzhitang Pharmacy, notes how popular it is. “We sell hundreds of bottles of it. Every month we sell out,” she says. At about 15 RMB, it’s well worth keeping a bottle around.   Chinese Giant Hyssop for Stomach Woes   Chinese giant hyssop has an incredibly strong odor. Believe me, it’s not appealing. But it still remains one of the most common Chinese medicines for troublesome stomachs and people often store it for their emergency needs.   In pill form, usually the Huoxiang Zhengqi Wan (藿香正气丸), giant hyssop maintains a regular, healthy gastrointestinal system, reducing dampness and soothing the digestive process. It is often used to cope with hot summer discomforts, such as summer colds, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and heat-stroke.   Bai Daifu explains, “It also regulates the functions of the spleen and stomach. For many problems, such as stomach flu, acute enteritis, diarrhea and vomiting, this medicine is the first choice.”   Screw off the cap of this 8 RMB bottle and, woo-hoo, you’ll smell the hyssop! If the tiny pills are too difficult to swallow—usually one dose is a full capful of about 60—pick up Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui (藿香正气水). It’s the same thing, just in liquid form.   Watermelon Frost for Ulcers, and Other Mouth and Throat Problems   Bai Daifu often includes this remedy in patients’ prescriptions. “In China,” he says, “watermelon frost has been used for oral and throat problems for centuries. It’s cheap and simple; it works very well for things like bleeding gums, bitter mouth, pharyngitis and tongue ulcers. Every family should have at least one box at home.”   Originally written about in the Qing Dynasty book “Treatment For Ulcers,” by famed Chinese doctor Gu Shicheng, watermelon frost tablets (西瓜霜含片 Xīguā shuāng hánpiàn) are quite literally made from the frost layer of a watermelon.   Traditionally, watermelon frost was produced by slicing a watermelon at the top, hollowing out the inside, and filling it with mirabilite, a sulfate mineral. After several months stored in an earthen vat, a downy white crystalline appears; this is the watermelon frost. The process has been shortened by the pharmaceutical companies, but the theory behind it remains the same.   Unlike most of the remedies above, this lovely pink tablet actually tastes nice. Don’t chew on it—just leave it in your mouth and let it melt gradually. While it heals your oral woes, it’ll even make your breath smell nice, fresh and watermelon-y.   Note: consult your own doctor before taking any of these, especially if you’re pregnant, or suffer from high blood pressure, hepatitis, diabetes, kidney disease or heart disease.