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Effective and Holistic Healing

Sit the Month

Breaking down the Chinese postpartum myth of ‘sitting the month’

2013-12-29 | By Weijing Zhu

TCM: Taking Care of Malaria

The fight for a cure continues

2013-12-04 | By Farrah Allawi

Time to get patched up

In case of an ache, sprain or tear, have no fear, Gao Yao is here!

2013-10-29 | By Sophia Man (万美凤)

In Search Of Tibetan Gold

Economics of caterpillar capitalism

2013-10-27 | By Natalie Thomas

Snake Preserved in Wine Bites Drinker

It seems that a snake can come back to life after being preserved in rice wine

2013-09-11 | By Sophia Man (万美凤)

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Poisonous?

One country’s medicine is another one’s poison

2013-08-29 | By Weijing Zhu

Food to Detox to

Clear your body of toxins with these TCM foods

2013-07-22 | By Weijing Zhu

Remedy For That Summer Cough

Chinese traditional cough syrup can work wonders, try this recipe!

2013-07-05 | By Weijing Zhu

TCM for Sprains and Strains

Learn how to treat joint injuries the ancient Chinese way

2013-03-18 | By Keoni Everington (华武杰)

Red Dates: The Healthiest Fruit on Earth

Why red dates are considered China’s favorite superfood

2012-03-14 | By Juling He (何菊玲)

Cure Your Spring Cold with TCM

Use this three-pronged approach to banish your spring sniffles in no time.

2012-03-13 | By Liz Tung (董怡)

Angelica and Milk Vetch Root Tea

Celebrate China’s Girl’s Day and International Women’s Day with this hearty herbal brew

2012-03-07 | By Juling He (何菊玲)

Pear Soup: The Secret Remedy for Your Fall Cold

Suffering from a seasonal cold? This delicious TCM recipe will have you back on your feet in no time.

2011-09-13 | By Liz Tung (董怡)

Beat the Summer Heat with Turtle Shell Jelly (龟苓膏)

Cool down with turtle shell jelly, a bittersweet dessert sure to up your yin and down your yang

2011-08-01 | By Liz Tung (董怡)

Beat the Summer Heat With Vinegar (醋)

Why a little bit of 醋 is sure to keep you 酷

2011-06-20 | By Liz Tung (董怡)

Foot Calligraphy to Boost Your Energy and Calm Your Mind

Sleep better with a natural remedy: “Foot Calligraphy.”

2010-09-29 | By Chloe Chen (陈洁)

Make Your Own TCM First Aid Kit

Want to heal your aches the traditional way? Chloe Chen (陈洁) offers seven popular remedies you’ll need to keep around the house.

2010-06-30 | By Chloe Chen (陈洁)

Memories of Tradition and Medicine

Chinese medicine has been around for millennia. Over the last century, it’s changed.

| By Echo Zhao (赵蕾)

An Interview with Cheng Xinnong, the 89-Year-Old Beijing Doctor

Find out about TCM firsthand from Cheng Xinnnong, author of the first modern acupuncture textbook

| By The Editors

The Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A briefing of the most popular TCM treatments around.

| By Qi Zhai (翟琦)

Why Do Chinese People Eat Snakes, Ants, and Worms for Medicine?

In any traditional Chinese pharmacy, one of the first things to strike…

| By Andy Deemer (狄国庆)

Four Amazing Traditional Hangover Cures

Alcohol has always been a way of life in China, especially for…

2010-05-17 | By Chloe Chen (陈洁)

Who Do Chinese People Hit Trees?

Have you ever noticed elderly people doing odd things to trees? Knocking…

| By Randi S. Miller

Use TCM to Welcome the Vernal Season Safely

Spring is the season of growth, and a new beginning to the…

2010-03-12 | By Frances Ren Huang

Staying Healthy in Winter with TCM

“Winter is the season for hibernation… It’s time to keep warm, to…

2010-01-15 | By Frances Ren Huang