Soak dried abalone

Soak dried abalone

Cooked dry abalone is a tasty, very good food, rich nutritional value with nourishing yin to nourish Yijing eyesight, calming liver heat, tonifying liver and kidney, and other therapeutic effects. Soak dried abalone belongs to seafood dishes recipes, main raw materials are dried abalone, technology is boiled, making difficult the Middle;

Soak dried abalone raw materials: dried abalone;

Foam hair dried abalone ingredients: chicken, snails, five flower belly meat, ginger slices, ham slices, leg loop, Yuan Bei, crystal sugar, white;

Soak dried abalone approach:

1, good foam abalone, and put in soup stewed to soft, at least in 8-12 hours of cooking, some 24 hour mega; materials of the original soup, chicken, snails, five flower belly meat.


Boiled abalone well fire 2, dip for the night, cook top soup materials in again the next day to around two or three hours; top soup materials: ginger, sliced ham, leg circles, Bell, rock sugar, white wine.


3, opening fire in a pot, fuel dumping, leaching into mature abalone, slightly fried;


4, then placed in the top of the original soup boil in oyster sauce and cook until sauce;




Warm Tip:

1, abalone stewed, burn time of immersion and must be enough, so that the abalone rose softening.

-2, top of soup-making is one of the key process of dried abalone, abalone soup to a certain extent, affect the quality of success or failure of the system. Therefore, when making soup, blood of the raw material is to be add to the net, is time enough to survived the second and the third is to filter the soup juice clean.

Food taboos:

Abalone with cream and liver with fresh chicken, cattle, wild boar meat.


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