Choosing and cooking Abalone in brief

Abalone can be purchased fresh, canned, dried or salted and is available in markets and Asian specialty stores. The best kind of dried abalone is devoid of cracks and mold. Avoid darkened ones.

If purchased fresh, it should be alive and not fishy-smelling. Refrigerate fresh abalone as soon as possible in the coldest part of the refrigerator and cook within a day of purchase.

Store frozen abalone in its wrapper in the freezer and it will last for two months. Canned abalone is the most popular for home cooking because it’s cheaper and easier to prepare.
Fresh abalone is usually briefly sautéed or fried and must be tenderized by pounding before cooking. If you manage to procure processed abalone steaks, they will already be tenderized. Fresh abalone should be fried not more than 30 seconds per side or it will become tough and chewy.

Dried abalone, on the other hand, is ideal for soups because it has a more concentrated flavor than that of a fresh one. It is usually simmered in broth for many hours to soften it and served whole or in slices with savory topping sauce. The time to simmer depends on the size of the abalone. It is very important that abalone is not overcooked or they will become chewy.


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