New Four Great Beauties


New Four Great Beauties

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | By:

The Four Great Beauties, namely Xishi [西施], Wang Zhaojun [王昭君], Diaochan [貂婵], and Yang Guifei [杨贵妃], are reportedly the four most beautiful ancient Chinese women. Their beauty and  stories have become legends, weaved into the Chinese heritage. Recently, an oil painting by Wang Junying titled “New Four Great Beauties”《新四大美女图》featured four contemporary female celebrities, and it stirred up much heated debate on the internet.

The four females in her painting are singer Song Zuying [宋祖英], actress Chen Shu [陈数], actress Fan Bingbing [范冰冰], and the sexy anchor Liu Yan [柳岩]. The painter insisted that an artist needs to pick the candidates according to her own perspectives and standards. Compared to the traditional Four Great Beauties, she wished to emphasize the characteristics of modern Chinese women: subtle, classy, independent, and sexy.

Unfortunately, many netizens questioned the painter’s judgment, that the choices seem superficial as these four women are all from the entertainment industry. The traditional Four Great Beauties were virtuous and talented, but these new ones have all had their share with tabloids.

Do you think these four deserve the title of “Four Great Beauties”? What should be the criteria for beauty in contemporary China?

Song Zuying    Liu Yan

Chen_Shu     Fan Bingbing [范冰冰



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